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The Growth to Freedom™ Show helps you transform your life in business and in relationships. It’s a fresh mix of strategy, resources, and entertainment that guides you to create the personal and business breakthroughs you need. Your success and freedom will only grow to the extent you do, and The Growth to Freedom™ Show will help you find clarity, confidence, and direction. Two weeks after my son was born in 2007, I found myself in a hospital for four days with a serious heart problem. The fact is, I had let my health go to the extent that my body gave out. It was a major wakeup call. That experience opened a new door of awareness for me. I came to realize that if I wanted something different, I needed to do something different. If I wanted something better, I needed to do it better. We’re living at one of the most exciting times in history and I believe you can have freedom on your terms. You can have it all, if you’re willing to take the necessary steps. It’s not easy. I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes and I want to help you avoid those on your own journey. This show was born as part of my process and was inspired by Joe Polish, Genius Network, and many mentors I’m fortunate to call friends. It doesn’t matter what your background is or where you’ve been: It only matters that you want to grow. Whatever your definition of success, I will challenge, guide, and connect you to some of the best leaders and experts in the world today. Now is your time - you deserve it! The catalyst for greatness is inside of you, and it starts now with Growth to Freedom!
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Feb 24, 2020

Do you struggle to generate clients or generate high quality leads?  

Or maybe you struggle to get high quality potential clients on the phone with you or your team?

In this episode, you’ll learn: “Two Steps to Get More Appointments, Leads, and Clients.”

No business succeeds without having good working relationships with the people that are buying your services- and that goes double if you're just beginning to establish a relationship with a potential client.

In this episode, I talk about generating and nurturing potential clients and then developing those candidates into a long-term business relationship.  

Putting yourself out there is crucial if you want your business to grow, and it starts with the relationships you build.

This is a can't miss episode, specifically if you're looking to grow your client base.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What Business You are Really in
  • The 2 Types of Client Relationships You Develop
  • The 2 Steps to Get Appointments, Leads, Sessions, and the Phone to Ring
  • 11 Different Ways to Get New Clients
  • 5 Keys to Make a Compelling Offer
  • 5 Cut and Paste Offer Examples
  • What to Ask and Say When You Get a Response from a Possible Client
  • BONUS: Create a Powerful Call to Action and Give for Your Podcast, Interviews, and More (multiple samples included)
  • And more...

You can view a video of this session here

Production Note: Thank you for listening!  We apologize for the audio quality.  We originally recorded this for a private group and the feedback was so powerful we decided to make it available publicly. This was not recorded in a typical studio setting, so the audio quality is not our typical quality.  In this case we believe the insights were more valuable than the lack of audio quality so we made the internal decision to make it available to you. Let us know how you enjoy it. We believe you will still enjoy the insights and the action steps.

Feb 17, 2020

What would happen for you if you had the competitive advantage to acquire an asset that immediately increased the value of your business? 

If this question resonates with you, then this is an episode to check out.  

Alex Nghiem specializes in helping authors, speakers, consultants, and other experts attract premium, high value clients and set the stage for growing through acquisitions. 

In this episode, Alex insists that you don’t have to be a big company to acquire, but you can instead use acquisitions to grow and accelerate your exit - or at the very least, create more freedom from the day to day of your business. 

He also shares the common mistakes that companies make during an acquisition as well as the three questions to ask to identify and find acquisitions in 30 minutes or less.

To learn about Alex’s approach to scaling and acquisition, you can read his book Growth Through Acquisitions and of course, listen to this fascinating conversation for more details!

Feb 10, 2020

Struggling to get quality leads and clients? 

Not after you listen to my interview with Jason Myers titled: “Guerrilla Marketing Strategies to Unlock Growth.”  

Our guest is Jason Myers, and he advocates for the proven method created by Jay Congrad Levinson called Guerrilla Marketing that helps you get more clients and leads without expensive mistakes.

He’s put a NEW twist on timeless principle based marketing and business building strategies you won’t want to miss.

 He is the Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing, an owner/investor in several companies, and a best-selling author.

Jason has introduced the Guerrilla concepts into many companies where he had “skin in the game” and helped them accelerate from startups to multi-million dollar companies and also selling. 

In this episode, Jason discusses the stages of growth as well as the breakthrough that these strategies can bring to other entrepreneurs.

Feb 3, 2020

Balancing business growth and personal freedom can be a delicate balancing act.  Do you have the right tools and strategies you need to do both?

In today’s episode, Dan Kuschell is interviewed by James Schramko on the show, SuperFastBusiness.  During this interview, Dan shares his 30 years of business experience to offer you key insights on game changers, getting clarity, transformation versus operating transactionally, how do identify your right fit clients, and a whole lot more. 

Dan is here to set you on the right path towards growth to freedom, and to help you grow with less stress.  Make sure you stay tuned for this inspiring and empowering dialogue!

Make sure you stay tuned for this inspiring and empowering dialogue!

In the episode:

  • What’s old is now new
  • Transaction versus transformation
  • What really lasts
  • Just what is sales?
  • From closing to enrollment
  • Why sell a business?
  • A powerful game changer
  • When it’s not what you expected…
  • Some life-changing questions
  • Finally getting clarity
  • How to Identify a Right Fit Client
Jan 27, 2020

When you’re not distracted, you find yourself in a place where you're highly creative, have a lot of talent, and see opportunities almost every day.

However, distractions are everywhere. What if you could actually have a way to be able to eliminate those distractions? Our guest expert has been called the prophet of habit-forming technology.

His name is Nir Eyal. He is a bestselling author. He writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. He's the founder of a couple of tech companies and an active investor in habit-forming technology.

Don’t miss this episode to discover what you can do to eliminate distraction in your own world and hook people to your way of being, your products, and services.

Jan 20, 2020

In today’s world, data and business intelligence is considered as the new gold.

It has the power to shape our decisions and impact our lives. Data can be used positively or negatively. In this episode, I have two special guests who will share how you can use it as a force for growth and good. 

Co-founders of Praxis Metrics, AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell, discuss how we can use data to rapidly grow our business, get more leads, and create more freedom. A dynamic couple who are business, adventure, and life partners, AJ and Meaghan have scaled their business and life by being data-driven in everything they do.

They co-founded Praxis Metrics, where they help companies eliminate waste and make better decisions from their data, resulting in exponential growth. They have built accurate dashboards and solved data problems for companies like Organifi, ClickBank, Agora Financial, Black Rifle Coffee Company, Kettle & Fire, Digital Marketer,, and many more.

Don’t miss this insightful and timely conversation!

Jan 13, 2020

A business enjoys more success if the people working for it are enjoying the work while achieving the goals.

In this episode, my guest is a business growth and empowerment expert: Deberah Bringleson.  Deberah is also an internationally recognized speaker and author, co-authoring Practical Business Wisdom and Magic with Joe Vitale from The Secret.

In our conversation, she shares her success formula that weaves manifestation teachings with highly innovative business strategies called “The Power of 3”.

Her proven formula helps businesses promote growth, increase profit, and lessen overwhelm to increase revenues and reclaim time.

Jan 6, 2020

Do you ever feel like your business cannot run without you… and, you find yourself wishing for more time with family, friends, or things that matter?  

Being able to work less and make more is a common goal and doesn’t happen by accident. 

It takes focus, a great plan, working smart, and dedication to make it happen.

In this episode, my guest, James Schramko, gives valuable advice on what you can do to create freedom and set up a business where you can work less and make more. 

James is the founder and CEO of SuperFastBusiness, a website that offers online business training and coaching. He has helped his clients grow from high five figures a month to multiple seven and eight-figures. James is also the best-selling author of the book Work Less, Make More.

Dec 30, 2019

Stop overpaying on your taxes. 

That’s the message Diane Gardner wants to share with you.

In this episode, my guest, Diane Gardner, will help you breakthrough the confusion, change your mindset on taxes, and share valuable tax-saving strategies.

Diane is a certified tax coach and the best-selling author of over ten different books, and recently has co-authored, Stand Apart and Why Didn’t My CPA Tell Me That?  Her tax coaching sessions have resulted in a combined savings of over $3MM to-date.

Her proactive tax planning approach has helped thousands dodge the tax bullet, and today, she will share her expert strategies to help you save more time and money too!

Dec 23, 2019

Influencer Marketing.  What is it? 

In this episode, my guest, Cloris Kylie, explains how to use this form of brand and business building to build connections, authority, grow our list, and increase profits.

Cloris is a Marketing MBA and an influencer marketing specialist.

She is also the bestselling author of Beyond Influencer Marketing, the host of the Beyond Influencer Marketing podcast, and has been featured on network television, top-ranked podcasts, and more..

If you are looking to uplevel your business, then pay close attention to her valuable insights and actionable strategies for building authority, while increasing profits.

Dec 16, 2019

All businesses experience highs and lows. If you feel like you’re hitting a wall, or stuck, or like you’re the worlds best kept secret, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, I will share with you the five-step method to triple your business.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The # 1 Planning Method to Grow Your Business (HINT:  It’s not a business plan)
  • How to Differentiate Yourself In the Market (find out what a $100 MILLION dollar company did to stand out that you can use too)
  • The simple approach to package your services and products to be 10 to 20 times more valuable to your clients.
  • Simple, easy to model campaigns to attract, keep, and convert more clients
  • The #1 Step to take to double the value of your business and turn it into an asset that gives you FREEDOM...

And more...

Dec 9, 2019

Have you felt in some ways that you’re sitting on a gold mine in your business... or that you’re the best keep secret in your industry, and you KNOW deep down that you have something special to offer your clients?

Or maybe you feel stuck in the day to day of your business and don’t know how to jump to the next level?

If so, then you need to listen to the insights, wisdom, and strategies in this episode.

Frank Bria takes you on a raw, revealing interview with Dan Kuschell.

You’ll discover how Dan got started learning direct mail in the 80’s and being a raw beginner in the TV and radio industry, to building up and business from scratch that he then sold to a $100 million dollar per year company.  And then fast forward to today – where he is an advisor for high level CEO’s, influencers, and thought leaders.

Dan helps high growth focused business owners go from where they are to the next level - so you can bet he’s got a few things to share about how to get unstuck and get your own business to where you want it to be.

Now named one of the Top 25 Influencers, his own podcast is recommended by Forbes magazine - and today Dan is being interviewed by Frank Bria, host of “6 To 7 Figures.”

On this key episode Dan will reveal:

  • The irresistible offer he made years before it was known as an “Irresistible Offer”
  • Client selection - what it is and why it’s the most important shift you can make right now
  • If you’re the visionary and creator of your business and love shiny new objects - how to embrace it and use it to your best advantage - without letting it trap you into too much work
  • Why you need to separate Marketing and Sales if you want to double your business
  • Why having one or two sales reps in your business can hurt you (and the one move you can make to get exponential results)
  • The number one thing you should be focused on right now if you want to grow beyond 7-figures
  • The importance of knowing your numbers

...And that’s just focusing on building UP your business! The next step is getting OUT of your business (at least the day-to-day) so you can free yourself up to pursue more and bigger ideas, all while still benefiting profiting from what you’ve built up.

With that in mind, he’s also going to reveal:

  • How to be in charge and control, but also have a team that supports you with excellence
  • Why you need to hire people who are smarter than you
  • How to create the right framework in your business to best serve you as visionary
  • The “magic checklist” that can keep things on track so that you can look away from the details starting today
  • What secret you can learn from film and movie teams to improve your business now
  • Why you need to move from being an actor in your business to the director - or even two levels higher - if you want to break free from the day to day
  • The secret that lets you escape the trap of having to sell clients (this is true freedom)
  • How to move from being stuck and overwhelmed to having absolute clarity starting today

...And more!

Join us and listen in now for your breakthroughs and needle movers.

And if something in this interview sparked your interest and you want to go deeper with the insights, strategies, and wisdom and applying them in your business... or you’re looking for help to grow and scale to 7 or 8 figures, then schedule a call today by going to

Dec 2, 2019

How can you create offers that convert?

In this episode, my guest, Mladen Stojanovic, shares the benefits that you can reap from automating your business through quality online automation platforms.

Mladen is a freelance direct-response copywriter and marketing consultant. With his work and advice, he helps his clients grow their businesses, get more leads, and make more sales.

He has worked with some big names like Amazing. com, Dr. Ron Friedman, and many others.

Join Mladen as he talks about the big mistakes as well as the greatest breakthroughs that marketers do in automation.

In this fascinating conversation and interview, you’ll discover breakthroughs, needle movers, and insights like:

  • How to Get Freedom from the Day to Day in your Business
  • The #1 Thing Entrepreneurs Struggle With – and What YOU Can Do About It
  • The SHOCKING TRUTH about the Top Most Successful Entrepreneur's – Dealing with Insecurities and Imposter Syndrome (and what you can do about it if you’re dealing with this right now)
  • The 2 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make Bringing In Help With Marketing and Copywriting
  • 3 Breakthroughs and Needle Movers You Can Implement Today to Create Automated Offers that Convert
  • The Easiest Way for You to Get a High Converting Offer (and great copy)
  • Why NOT Hiring a Copywriter or Someone to Help You With Marketing May Be Your Best Solution
  • Why Reviewing Your Marketing System Regularly Can Create High Profits
  • The #1 Step to Take to Automate Your Business and Marketing
  • Why It’s Important to Be Detached to ____________ for Maximum Growth, Impact, and Income
  • And more...
Nov 25, 2019

Do you worry about what and how to charge customers or clients? Maybe you feel unsure how your current pricing strategy will keep you profitable? Well, you’re not alone!

Many businesses hire Janene Liston, our guest expert, to get their pricing right as well.  Known as “The Pricing Lady”, Janene understands pricing strategies and can help you discover where your potential profit is hiding.

She’s a trusted business partner for hundreds of clients and has a wealth of corporate experience within a variety of industries. In this conversation, she demystifies the idea of what your pricing should be and how to do it in a way that charges you up, while maintaining a profitable business.

If you’re ready to make a positive difference in your business, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Nov 18, 2019

The membership economy is growing faster than before. How can you ride this wave and build your own system?

In this episode, my guest Robbie Baxter shows you how to build your own membership model.

Robbie is the bestselling author of The Membership Economy: Find Your Super Users, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue, a book that’s been named a Top Five Marketing Book of the year by Inc. She’s working with industry leaders like Netflix, Electronic Arts, The Wall Street Journal, Asics to name a few.

Our definitive expert takes a deep dive into the idea of the membership model so you can build not only your membership economy but also a tribe of super fans.

Nov 11, 2019

Have you ever felt like you struggled to get your message out to the world and connect with your audience? Do you want to build a business that maximizes both revenue and relationships?

In today’s episode, my guest, Brian Kurtz, talks about his book Overdeliver: Build a Business for a Lifetime and how he was inspired by the movie Coco in writing this amazing book.

Brian is a direct marketer for over 40 years, and he was instrumental in helping the company, Boardroom Inc., grow exponentially. He is the Founder of “Titans Marketing” and host of Titans Mastermind and Titans Master Class. 

On this eye-opening episode Brian will reveal: 

  • What he learned about power and selflessness in business - that he learned from baseball umpires;
  • Why customer service people are ‘secret shoppers’  & should be the highest-paid people in your company;
  • The one game changer that no one pays attention to (but could make a huge difference for you);
  • How paying postage on mail made him a better marketer; 
  • Why exactly you need to separate your prospects from your buyers (on your list) to be more profitable;
  • What “RFM” is and why you need to know it and how to use it now.

And that’s just a small taste. We go from talking about how to increase the power and profitability of your business to longer-term, legacy building concepts like: 

  • How to think about long-term value as well as playing the long game in your business;
  • What exactly “Lifetime Value” is and why you need to know your numbers on this;
  • How to find out what the “bogeyman” is in your business so you can use it;
  • Why he paid for dinners for 30 people at the Four Seasons in New York (pay attention);
  • How he turned someone who “ripped off his logo” into a client (instead of suing them);
  • What he learned from maintaining a solid 33-year marriage while running multiple businesses.

... And more! 

So grab a pen and paper- you will want to jot notes from this engaging conversation!  

Production Note: Thank you for listening! We apologize for the audio quality during the interview.  Unfortunately, tech glitches can happen, but we believe you will still enjoy the insights, and wisdom from our guest expert, Brian Kurtz.
Oct 28, 2019

What happens when you get an icon, a legend, a Titan, and an introvert on a business growth panel in front of a live audience with hundreds of people?

You get breakthroughs, you get insights, and you get needle movers, and that's what we have in store for you.

If you aren’t familiar with our guest experts Jay Abraham, Brian Kurtz, Mike Agugliaro, and yours truly, you’re in for a real treat because you're going to discover some of the top strategies, insights, and wisdom working right now to help you create more freedom, growth, and clarity.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The keys to constant and never-ending improvement
  • 4 Steps you can take to grow your business, dominate your niche and improve your life
  • How to apply the 4-minute mile strategy for maximum growth and impact
  • Why building a company starting with the end in mind can create maximum freedom, growth, and impact
  • Trouble deciding on what to focus on today? A simple blueprint to decide WHAT to focus on (HINT: This easy strategy helps you decide on what’s important, and what’s MOST important)
  • The shift from tactical vs strategic focus in your business – and how it helps you reach your goals faster (with less effort)
  • How to create immediate breakthroughs by doing less
  • How to deal with setbacks, failures, and mistakes and transform them into ‘wins’
  • What you can do today to immediately break past fear, fear of change, and fear of implementation
  • Do you struggle with marriage and running a business at the same time? Implement the 14 days of romance strategy to ignite, nurture, and deepen your relationships (this strategy is also a great follow up strategy with clients)
  • The #1 Skill you must develop to thrive in the next decade (if you don’t develop this skill, you’ll be commoditized)
  • And more...

Have you hit a plateau with sales and conversions... do you feel like you’re sitting on a gold-mine but just haven’t been able to pull the gold out of your business yet? Or do you feel like you’re a ‘hidden secret’ and ready to maximize your impact, reach, and contribution?

If you’re ready to get a steady flow of leads, sales, and profits and find out how we’ve helped thousands of business owners and iconic madmen (and women) from all over the globe, let’s have a conversation and I’ll help you find assets to leverage, and gold to extract in your business. Schedule a Business Breakthrough Session at:

Oct 21, 2019

Are you confused about what to do to get your advertising to work for you?

You’re not alone...

In this episode, my guest is John Belcher. John is a teacher and partner at AdSkills, a consultant at Enduring Marketing LLC, and the Internal Traffic Manager of GiddyUp.

John will not only provide you with some achievable steps on how to create a great sales message, but also teach you how to build messages that sell, and the essential steps to craft and convert your advertising.

All this and more, as John and I reveal some of the key secrets to effective advertising!

Oct 14, 2019

Are you struggling to make your paid advertising work for you? 

...have your ad costs gone up for you in the last 6 months and results are getting less and less? 

With growing competition, running paid ads online has become an easy go-to marketing strategy that most business owners turn to. However, many still do not achieve the results they want from them. 

If you’re looking for a way to transform your ads and to hit the reset button to get a breakthrough with your advertising, then listen to this session. 

Whether it’s Facebook, Google, YouTube, or others, I will reveal to you two steps that will help you maximize your ads, and give you clarity to get the results you want.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • 4 Quadrants for Your Ideal Clients
  • The D.O.S. Exercise Applied to Paid Advertising
  • Creating Your Mini Marketing Plan Blueprint
  • The Unusual Firefighting Strategy that Keeps You from Having to Fight Fires in Your Business
  • How to Delegate Your Advertising Effectively (and avoid the top mistake most people make with their ads)
  • And more...

Have you hit a plateau with sales and conversions? Get a steady flow of leads, sales, and profits.  Learn more by scheduling a Breakthrough Clarity Session at:

Oct 7, 2019

What if a lot of what you've been taught about achievement or success was actually wrong? What if there were four key areas that you got to focus on first to get it right?

Today, you're going to learn those four areas that you have to focus on first to get to that path.

My guest is Robert Glazer, a best-selling author and the Founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, a global performance marketing agency. He's the recipient of numerous cultural awards, and his inspirational newsletter, Friday Forward, which started as a weekly email to his team, and now has over 100,000 subscribers.

Don’t miss Robert’s unique perspective on what achievement and success really mean, being true to your values, and how to inspire others to lead.

Oct 4, 2019

Have you wondered to yourself, “How can I be a part of this media game today? How can I get myself out there to be positioned as an authority, to have a greater influence and impact to move the needle?”

What if you had a chance to learn from one of the largest, most successful media experts in the world today?

Let me share a little bit about the background of someone I was blessed and fortunate enough to meet through a mutual connection fifteen to sixteen years ago.

His name is Bill Rasmussen, the Founder of the media monster called ESPN, the sports network. With his vision and his dream, ESPN was launched. He’s daring, enthusiastic, and has had some good luck along the way in building the first 24/7 TV network for sports.

This network has changed the landscape of media, and it wouldn’t exist today without Bill.

Sep 30, 2019

Do you struggle with implementation and execution in your business? 

Do you struggle with hiring the right people to get the job done for you? 

Have you tried outsourcing and it hasn’t worked for you?

Today, that’s about to change for you! 

My guest, John Jonas, has been helping entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses through the power of outsourcing. John is the man behind which is the largest Filipino virtual worker platform with over 500,000 Filipino resumes and over 100,000 employers from around the world using it.

John only works about seventeen hours in his business, and so he will share with us how he does it all by using outsourcing, and how you can also free you up from your business, so you can be more in your sweet spot, your zone of Genius, and working on the business… in other words.. Experiencing more freedom and growth! 

Sep 23, 2019

Would you love to have more fulfilling, juicy, deeply satisfying personal relationships?

Who wouldn’t right?   

In this episode, my guest, Dr. Alexandra Stockwell, shares three steps to creating exciting and healthy relationships.  Alexandra is a physician-turned-relationship expert, who draws from her experience as a medical doctor, Emotional Intimacy Coach, and her marriage of 23 years, to help couples discover how to create the connection they crave.

From household routine to bedroom bliss, you deserve to experience true happiness in all your relationships.  Get ready for this empowering and eye-opening chitchat with Alexandra!

Sep 16, 2019

Are your ad costs going up and you’re frustrated because you don’t seem to be able to get a positive R.O.I.?  

Or maybe you’ve even had success with your ads in the past, but now it's not working anymore.

In today's episode, I will share with you proven strategies that we’re using with our own clients… Many of the same strategies that our clients are using right now (and they’re investing tens of thousands per week).  This can help transform your marketing game, and help you stand out in the crowd.

This may not be rocket science, but with a little creativity and boldness, you can apply these to your business and see a major difference.  

In this session, you’ll discover:

What to Do If Your Ads Aren’t Working, or They’re Costing You More Today

How to Stand Out in the Crowd

“It’s Better to Be Different than Better” -Sally Hogshead

4 Easy Steps You Can Take to Make Your Images Unique

5 Easy Steps to Make Your Audience Selections More Profitable

A Simple Video Strategy that Provides a 1-2 Punch to Create Greater Trust and Conversions

What You Can Do to Make Your Offer Unique

And more…

Have you hit a plateau with sales and conversions? Get a steady flow of leads, sales, and profits.  Learn more by scheduling a Breakthrough Clarity Session at:

Sep 9, 2019

Many think that direct mailing people as a growth marketing strategy is long gone.

However, my guest expert begs to differ because in this episode, he is going to share with you this unique growth method along with referral marketing and others.

He is Shaun Buck, a successful entrepreneur for almost two decades who has built up The Newsletter Pro to become one of Inc. 500 Fastest-Growing Companies by mailing out millions and millions of newsletters each and every year.

The Newsletter Pro has only been operating since 2011, but it has rapidly grown into the nation’s largest custom newsletter company and has been hailed as one of the best places to work in Idaho for the past three years.

Shaun was also named “Man of the Year” by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and is currently a successful business coach to owners of million-dollar businesses.

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